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Off-Grid Properties


If you prefer the independent life style away from intrusive homeowners associations, master planned communities and the general structure of city living, then off-grid properties may appeal to you. 
When you prepare an off-grid property for use, you select the energy source which is most convenient and suitable for your purposes. Common energy sources include solar and wind generation or a generator fueled by liquid or natural gas.  
Access to water is usually by a well you have drilled on your property and stored in the capacity you desire. In some areas, the aquifer may be only a few feet while other areas the aquifer may be a few hundred feet. Seek the advice of a well drilling contractor when considering the size and location of the well you desire. 
Road access to your off grid property may be from paved, graded and maintained or non-maintained roads. Many people considering off-grid properties desire graded or non-maintained roads to discourage use by others.