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Desert and Mountain Lots - Ranch and Getaway Properties

Are you looking to get away from the city?  Thinking of wide open spaces? Think Arizona land where you can buy a small lot or a ranch for affordable prices. We are Ananda Realty, LLC. Owned and operated by Mitchel Medigovich, a third generation native of Arizona. 

Specializing in mountain and desert land for ranch, retreat and getaway properties in Mohave, Maricopa, Pinal and Yavapai Counties. If mild winters, beautiful views and clean air are appealing to you we have what you are looking for. 
With over 40 years of expertise in real estate and finance we provide information and assistance to buyers and sellers looking for land to build a ranch or off-grid getaway.  Parcels are available ranging from 3 to 200 acres with many 40 acre parcels just right for the ranch you have dreamed of building. Off-grid allows you to express your desire to build green with opportunities for solar, wind and alternative energy sources. A few parcels have access to the grid and/or water source, many require a well.
Seller financing is available with many parcels.
Whether you are looking for a remote hideaway or a near town parcel to get away from city congestion you have found the right source. 

Through this real estate website, you have the ability to search virtually every parcel of land for sale in several counties of Arizona. 

Why Buy Land Now?

First, private land in Arizona is limited.  It is estimated that only 12% of land is in private hands, the rest is owned by the federal or state government.
Second, land prices in many Arizona Counties are at their lowest point in years. This means bargains and potential growth in value for you and your family. 
Third, we are offering parcels for nearly every use. One to five acre parcels to build a home or 40-100 acres for you and your live stock. Get away from the city and into country life with opportunities to live green in an off-grid environment.
Energy prices will continue to rise and independent living is becoming more desirable and environmentally sound. However, if living on-grid is more appealing, we offer parcels with power to the sites or close by and water from commercial sources or wells.  
Go to bed under a blanket of stars and wake to the sounds of nature in your own world. Fabulous sunsets, views of mountains and valleys with unbelievable terrain for many uses.  

Seller Financing

Seller financing is faster, less invasive and has no loan origination costs which makes the transaction easy and understandable. 
When you choose to purchase a parcel of land, we will prepare for your or your attorney an Agreement for Sale. The agreement will state the sales price, down payment and monthly payment to be paid. 
There are no pre-payment penalties or loan fees.  In most cases the Agreement for Sale is fully amortizing, meaning there are no balloon payments. (Exceptions may apply). You make your payments to a designated licensed and bonded servicing agent. 
Terms are flexible - you may choose to make payments over a short term of 5-10 years where you will save THOUSANDS of dollars in interest or payments can be stretched over longer terms.  

Can I sell or split the land?

YES!, the land is yours to sell. Our agreement is not assumable by others, therefore you must pay the balance of the agreement in full prior to making the transfer. This is usually accomplished at the time of your sale. 
In some cases parcels can be further divided. Ask us about parcels that are currently surveyed and may be split. Parcel of less than 5 acres may not be split, but check with the county were the property is located.
We have several 40 acre parcels that you may buy and split immediately. Arizona Statutes require that you obtain and deliver a subdivision report if you are going to split parcels of land into more than six parcels.